Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chinese lanterns

Chinese lanterns
Chinese lanterns,
originally uploaded by Donn2006.
Chinese lanterns originally came from Japan. Although they are attractive in their early stages, it is in the ripe, dried stages that they are best known. The common name comes from their similarity to the lanterns used in the New Year celebrations that take place in most areas of China. This painting includes small and large fruit.

Done with Art-Kure watercolor brush pens, Pental pocket brush pen and Yasutomo sumi-e watercolors on a green office paper. This is in a homemade book card made for me by Rita of North Dakota. It has 8 pages. Takes ink just fine, buckles a little with the watercolor, but when dry, smooths out.

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Bonny said...

I've always liked Chinese Lanterns - both the plant and the illuminated variety. This is a lovely painting, Donn.
So now I can add another Chinese Lantern to my list - your painting!!