Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm taking an on-line acrylics course from Andy Walker at . This is a self paced course with 6 sections and 24 parts to it.
The first lesson was doing a color wheel, which I have done many, so didn't put it up here.
In this exercise, we were to do a value drawing of a scene from the course. So, this is my attempt. In the next lesson, I will be adding color to this painting.
I'm also taking his watercolor course which is divided into 12 sections with 32 parts. Since I have done some watercolor in the past, I did not do any of the exercises in the first 2 lessons of this course. But will be adding paintings from the next lessons.

Monday, June 01, 2009

To the left is some more of our containers plants. The 2 left containers have tomatoes in them along with a hanging tomato plant above them.

To the right are 2 more containers of tomatoes. These are in Earthboxes. We've had these boxes for over 5 years and replant them each year.

On the left is our part of our container garden with a canopy over the top to block some of the hot sun rays here in northern Florida. In these boxes are beets, green beans, corn and red and yellow peppers in the white flower box. The 3 green boxes are Good Earth boxes, our first year in these boxes. The one terra cotta box with corn is a flower box. It has ears of corn on it already.

To the left is our square foot garden with some of the plants coming up.
To the right is the same garden with our protective screening to blot out some of the hot sun we have here in norther Florida.
This is the first time we have tried setting up a square foot garden. In it are beets, carrots, onions, lettuce, radishes and green beans.