Monday, June 01, 2009

On the left is our part of our container garden with a canopy over the top to block some of the hot sun rays here in northern Florida. In these boxes are beets, green beans, corn and red and yellow peppers in the white flower box. The 3 green boxes are Good Earth boxes, our first year in these boxes. The one terra cotta box with corn is a flower box. It has ears of corn on it already.


Howard said...

I just viewed your garden and I'm ready for a big salad. Do you have any problem with rabbits, field mice, animals and birds eating your veggies?
I put a bird netting over my baby tomatoes so that there would be some left for me.

Rita said...

I just found your garden pictures! Looks great! You'll have to show us pictures of whatever you get out of the garden this year. :)