Sunday, July 15, 2007

This was one of the July challenges with the Wet Canvas(WC) Colored Pencil group. We were give 4 pictures to choose from. Photo came from the WC reference library and was called Tahiti Rose.

This is my first attempt at really doing any type of drawing with Prismacolor colored pencils. I was determined to try and see if I could do anything with them because in the past, I just didn't like what I put down. I've had these sitting for some 15 years, gathering "dust"!

After laying down the various colors, I used a stomp and Prismacolor blender to do the burnishing. Interesting since I never did it before!


Lin said...

FABULOUS, Donn!! What a challenge you chose -- but wow!!! you did great!!!! MORE MORE!

Frankye said...

Donn, I like your work very much and the colored pencil works that you have on the blog from recent weeks are very nice. The palm tree and sun painting is lovely, rich colors and a very calm and meditative painting.

I was wondering, do you live in South Florida? That painting reminds me of Fort Lauderdale and Miami. I lived there in the 80's. I'm in North Florida now and like it a lot.

Keep up the very nice work. Can you give me the link to Wet Canvas, especially the colored pencil area. I tried before to get attached to the group but didn't have a lot of luck.